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Author Raina C. Smith is a native Rhode Islander.  Growing up an only child in North Scituate, Smith was a natural storyteller who delighted in using her imagination to entertain herself, her family and friends.  A Communications major and proud graduate of Rhode Island College, Smith spent most of her professional career working in broadcasting as a television news reporter at ABC6 News and WPRI-TV and as a radio talk show co-host and executive producer at WPRO-AM.  This is where Smith honed her research, writing and storytelling skills, and is what helped her bring such dramatic characters and scenes to her novel, The 13th Apostle.  Smith's book is about the inherent nature of mankind  and the forces of good and evil at work within the soul of man, and is connecting with readers around the world!  The 13th Apostle is currently receiving reader acclaim nationwide as well as abroad.  Smith considers, The 13th Apostle, the first in a trilogy series, her proudest personal and professional accomplishment.  She is simultaneously writing the next two installments.  For more information on Raina and her novel series, please visit her website at: http://rainasmith.com.