Changing Your Wine Wardrobe


Living in New England gives us the joy and pleasure of enjoying all four seasons. However I must say that spring is one of my most favorites for many reasons - the flowers begin to bloom with the advent of warm weather, it stays lighter out longer, giving us more time outside, and lastly, we begin changing our wine wardrobe.

What does that mean, you ask? No it doesn’t mean we start drinking wine from fashion celebrities who have their name on a label. But like clothes, when we move from one season to the next, we put the heavy sweaters and coats away and bring forth the lighter garb. The same applies to wine. At the advent of spring, we put the heavier reds away, or purchase less of them, and bring forth lighter reds, lighter whites and roses for the warmer weather cuisine.

Not that heavy reds and whites don’t have a place at the table or at cocktail parties with friends, but when the weather gets warm and hot, it’s harder to consume a wine that is really heavy, like a Cabernet Sauvignon or rich, oaky Chardonnay. I relate these to wool sweaters which we wouldn’t wear this time of year. (Well maybe some spring days in New England we still need the wool.) This season is typically when we again begin eating lighter foods, such as vegetables and salads, fish, grilled chicken. I like to think I am a pretty healthy eater all the time, but I too lean toward heavier more meat-driven dishes in cooler months.

Not only do lighter dishes go nicely with warmer weather, and often times the upcoming bathing suit season, but they also pair nicely with lighter wines, like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Vernaccia and Vermentino for whites and Pinot Noir, Dolchetto and Gamay Noir for reds. Then there are of course the Roses. Those beautiful lighter reds that take on hues of light pink to salmon to light fuschia to a pale magenta. I actually drink Roses year round but the availability of them during the spring is vast.

Here are some of my favorites that don’t break the bank. But of course I added in a couple of exceptional ones that are well worth the price. If any below sound good then you can shop online for them at We’ll give you 10% off any online order, wine only, through 4/29/13 with code onlineri. Enjoy and happy shopping.

2011 Guy Saget Petite Perriere Sauvignon Blanc, Loire Valley, France (Under $12)

2011 Palagetto Vernaccia, Tuscany, Italy (Under $15)

2012 Fausti Rosato, Marche, Italy (Under $11)

2011 Quinta da Aveleda Vinho Verde, Portugal (Under $9)

2011 Las Valles Red, Spain (Under $11)

2011 Adelsheim Auxerrois, Willamette Valley, Oregon $24.99

2009 Adelsheim Elizabeths Pinot noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon $55.99

Raise your glass and toast!