Don't Judge a Wine by it's Grape.....


It's rare that I don't like a wine. I definitely like certain ones over others but I've never said that I didn't like a particular grape. Though I've come to think that I'm an anomaly, and know many who say they don't' like a specific grape.

 Often I hear "Oh, I don't' like Cabernet. It's too tannic;" or  the opposite, "I don't like Cabernet it's too fruity and oaky." Then I think to myself, "Well Cabernet from Bordeaux isn't too fruity or oaky, and most Napa Cabernet isn't too tannic." But this isn't always clear to many because who has the time to taste wines of the same grape from many different areas. For instance a recent Wine Spectator note described an Argentine Cabernet as jammy. That would be far from how I would describe a Cabernet from France.

 Wines from the same grape are varied. That's why wine is so enthralling. Researchers get giddy over stats; I get giddy over a grape's many faces. Take Zinfandel for example. It's Primitivo in Italy. These two wines are completely different in taste. In fact, Zin from California's Lodi is different than Zin from California's Napa.

So this weekend is all about similar grapes from various areas, take a peek at our In Store Wine Seminar Schedule below.

Friday, October 11, 5-8 PM  

California's Zinfandel vs. Italy's Primitivo

What's the difference between Zinfandel and Primitivo? Both are technically the same grape, but they have different origins and tasting profiles. Come learn about the history of these grapes and the differences in their profiles and origins! 

2007 Summit Lake Zinfandel, Napa, $28.49

2011 Peirano Estate Immortal Zin, Lodi, $14.99

2011 Matané Primitivo Puglia, Italy, $13.99

2011 Cantele Primitivo, Puglia, Italy, $15.49


Saturday, October 12, 3-6 PM

A Value Comparison of Bordeaux

We love, love love Bordeaux reds, especially when we find good ones at reasonable prices. Bordeaux is one of the most well known areas in France (the world), but not everyone is familiar with its reds, which are made from Cabernet, Merlot or Cabernet Franc mainly. Come see why we love them so much. 

2010 Chateau La Moussante Superieur, $13.49

2010 Thunevin Presidial St Emilion, $19.99

2009 La Croix Bonis, Saint-Estephe, $28.99