A History of the Providence River by Robert A. Geake


Review:          A History of the Providence River - with the Moshassuck, Woonasquatucket & Seekonk Tributaries

Author:           Robert A. Geake

Forward by:   Patrick T. Conley, Historian Laureate of Rhode Island

How many times I laughed out loud:        Not applicable.

How many times I cried:                              Not applicable.

How many Ah-Hah moments:                   Several             

            Author Robert A. Geake has spent the last 30 years writing about Rhode Island history and lore...  and loves it!  A History of the Providence River - with the Moshassuck, Woonasquatucket & Seekonk Tributaries is more than a book about the history of the Providence River, it’s a story told with deep admiration and respect for one of our greatest natural resources.  This is what makes his book something to cherish!

            You can find Bob Geake most days at Brown University, where he is an associate of the John Carter Brown Library, and a pleasant face around the Brown University Bookstore where he will help you find anything from the hottest new book, to a great cup of coffee. He is also a member of the Rhode Island Historical Society as well as the Warwick Historical Society. He is one really cool guy, whom I met at the Brown University Bookstore on Thayer Street, when he assisted me with my speaking engagement and book signing.  He is someone anyone would like right away! 

            A history buff at heart, Bob’s newest book is a delight to read because of it’s enormous wealth of information and fascinating maps and photos.  I also hear his message loud and clear through all 161 pages...  let us preserve this treasure. You will learn so many interesting facts about our rich history here in the Ocean State, and how the Providence River is steeped in legends, and lore.

            The Providence River takes its name from the capital city and begins its journey where the Moshassuck and Woonasquatucket Rivers unite, and is met downstream by the Seekonk River, flowing together toward Narragansett Bay.  In his kayak, Bob has paddled every inch of the river to uncover so many intriguing stories waiting to be told. Bob eloquently explains how the history of Rhode Island was made on the banks of this historic river.  It was here that Roger Williams established the first settlement committed to religious freedom, it’s also where Rochambeau’s army made its first encampment on the road to Yorktown, and where the Walsh-Kaiser Shipyard build World War II. vessels for the Allied maritime effort.  The Providence River also has a more sinister history as well...  boats and ships engaged in the slave trade glided along these very waters. 

            I promise you, if you love the Ocean State, and you love history, you will thoroughly enjoy, A History of the Providence River - with the Moshassuck, Woonasquatucket & Seekonk Tributaries. Author Robert A. Geake’s other works include, A Toll, A Tavern, and a Farm, published for the Pawtucket Preservation Society, and A History of the Narragansett Tribe of Rhode Island: Keepers of the Bay and Historic Taverns of Rhode Island, both published by The History Press. 

            Check out his blog on Rhode Island history, which can be found at rifootprints.comA History of the Providence River - with the Moshassuck, Woonasquatucket & Seekonk Tributaries is available on Amazon.com.