Heroes, Mentors, and Friends - Learning From Our Spritual Guides


Review:          Heroes, Mentors, and Friends - Learning From Our Spritual Guides

Author:           John Dowd, Jr.

How many times I laughed out loud:        Subtly, several times.

How many times I cried:                            None

How many Ah-Hah moments:                   Many


            John Dowd Jr. is a native Bay Stater from Worcester, Massachusetts...  and he is a really cool guy, you will LOVE reading!  I do. I’ve had the pleausure of speaking with John about our passion - writing, and I admire where he’s coming from and where he’s going with his writing.  From what I can see (and read), he is interested in lifting the human spirit, and I so enjoy that!  :-)  This is my FAVORITE type of reading.

            Dowd is also a broadcaster, who spent the last 25 years behind the microphone as a radio personality, and has worked in major markets such as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and Hartford, Connecticut.  He is also a 15-year student of spiritual and new-age thinking.  Dowd is a professional communicator and an author who writes from the heart, and his latest work will touch you and move you in profound ways.

            Heroes, Mentors, and Friends - Learning From Our Spiritual Guides is one of those books that when I flip through the pages at first, and read bits and pieces of it, I get very excited, because I know I’m going to love everything I read! What I enjoyed most about this book...  it made me think and re-evaluate myself and others. 

            In Heroes, Mentors, and Friends - Learning From Our Spiritual Guides, Dowd calls your attention to the people that come and go in our lives.  Not just anyone...  those special people that touch us.  Dowd says, “Over the years I have come to define those who touch our souls as heroes, mentors, or friends, but in reality, I believe they are spiritual guides sent to us by a higher power.”

            Dowd asks his readers to consider recognizing the inherent divinity of these “special people” and open up to their influence.  According to him, some call them special soul angels. It is an interesting concept...  and I for one, can think of several people who have passed through my life (some are still with me, others have passed through and are now gone), and inspired me in ways that moved me forward, positively, as a human being.  People I will never forget as long as I live, because of how deeply they affected me with how they treated me, their thoughts, their words, their actions.

            Who are yours?

            Dowd also asks his readers to think about how you may be making a difference in someone’s life.  Are YOU a hero, a mentor or a friend?  If not, how can you become one - to help change the world and move humankind further toward love.  Isn’t that what this world needs? There are numerous stories of love, support, courage, kindness within the pages of this wonderful book.  All of it uplifting.