Dying to be Me - My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True by Anita Moorjani Healing


How many times I laughed out loud:  Twice 

How many times I cried: Once

How many Ah-Hah moments: Too many to count

            First off...  I will never be the same (in a good way) after reading Anita Moorjani’s new book, Dying to be Me - My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing.  Never!  This book makes my top 10 all-time favorite reads list.There are those special books you hear about or randomly discover, and once you do, you are on a mission to find it, buy it and read it as soon as possible because you just cannot wait to learn more!  THIS is one of those books for me. 

            Anita Moorjani would probably say such books or experiences are destined to come into your life and capture your attention for a reason, because there is a message contained within for you.  Love it! 

            I was reviewing a website for information on another topic, when I “accidentally” (or maybe not) came across Anita’s book Dying to be Me - My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing.  I then searched for online interviews with Anita on YouTube, watched them, and once I did, I was entranced with her real life account of what she says she experienced when after four long years of battling cancer, she had a near death experience which gave her the answer to every question she or anyone ever wanted to know, including what caused her cancer and how to cure it.  I was HOOKED!  The book was ordered and on it’s way a.s.a.p. Moorjani’s truly inspirational memoir, gives a far more detailed account of her near death experience and is why I simply could not put it down once I received it. 

            In Dying to be Me - My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing, Anita takes you on a journey unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  Through her, you experience the wretched cancer she suffered with for years, travel outside of her body while she’s in a coma, to hear conversations twenty feet down a corridor and around a corner, and experience the vast living entity she says the universe is.  She says she also realized her inherent worth during this “state”, and that heaven is a “state” and not a place. Through Anita’s storytelling, you feel as though you are taking the journey with her all over again, and it’s wonderful.  She shares freely everything she learned in her near death experience about love, illness, health, fear and “being love”, as well as understanding the truly unique and magnificent nature of every human being. After choosing to return to her body in life, rather than travel further into death, Anita shares with her readers what she found on “the other side”...  simply put, love. Anita says she learned our purpose here on earth is to love ourselves, each other, the planet and the universe, and adds that we are meant to experience the blessing and wonder of life and the world around us by just being who we are, and nothing more.

            Today, Anita is 100% cancer free and the reason is a mystery to modern medicine and everyone else except Anita, who claims anyone can do it. I find this book truly uplifting and inspirational, and I think about the world and those around us differently as a result of reading this book. Not only do I recommend this book, I think it should be required reading!