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BROWN BIRDS (A book of poetry) by Deborah Barchi


Review:          BROWN BIRDS (A book of poetry)

Author:           Deborah Barchi

How many times I laughed out loud:        Once.

How many times I cried:                            Not applicable.

How many Ah-Hah moments:                   Several.


            What I love about Brown Birds by Deborah Barchi is that it is poetry driven by a passion for all things natural to this breathtaking world we call home, the earth, the animals, the air, the sky. Deborah has been writing essays, book reviews, and stories for years, but this is the first time she’s published a book of her personal poetry. I am so glad she did! The poems Deborah writes transports you to where she is, to see what she sees, feel what she’s feeling and acknowledge with deep respect, the wonder of this earth. Brown Birds is an experience.

Barchi says, “The poems in Brown Birds pretty much sums of my philosophy:  the natural world continues to astound us, even when it presents us with the seemingly commonplace.” A quote from Barbara Schweitzer on the back cover of Brown Birds really hits the mark, “Deborah Barchi sees eyes in birch bark, smells black pepper wisteria, expects astonishment in May, and in rich gentle language, creates, from small natural things, a collection of poems which are part jubilation, part sigh.  She is a remarkable poet, deftly recording the evanescence of life.”

When you hold the book, you’ll notice it’s printed on acid-free paper (in the U.S.) and has a very “green” feel to it, which is something I like. I also appreciate the cover art Deborah selected, an original drawing by local artist Alayna Paquette, entitled “Meadowlark”.  This is not a mass-produced run-of-the-mill book, it’s a work of art. Don’t let the 26 pages fool you...  thinking you can blow through it in five minutes.  Her poems are so deep and profound, you will find yourself pondering the ideas contained within for hours.          

Many of the topics Deborah covers in her poems are things we can all relate to, such as Sleeping with the Cat, Season of Reversals, Just Another Grey Morning, Coyote Walk. I would share my favorite poem with you...  but I can’t.  I don’t have one. They are all so incredibly moving and special.            

A native Rhode Islander, Deborah lives in a home nestled in the woods, where she can observe and enjoy the plethora of wildlife which comes to visit her daily, including wild turkeys, foxes, coyotes, otters, herons, hawks, as well as an abundance of plant life, including wildflowers and plants.  All of it, serving as her writing inspiration. Deborah has loved the outdoors and nature since she was a little girl, and has also been a voracious reader since she was about 8 years old.  She has married her passions together in this remarkable work. 

Deborah is the Director of the Barrington Public Library, and through her work  fosters a love for reading, writing and communicating.  You may order a copy of this delightful book on www.finishinglinepress.com for $12.00.  It is also available on Amazon.com.  You will enjoy it for years to come!