RESOLVE to Live a Healthy Life

Greetings from the land of New Years Resolutions.  At any gym or fitness studio we are bombarded by the resolution crowd, and every year it has me wondering how I can make the largest difference in helping people live healthier lives.  We have all made resolutions.  We have all succeeded and failed at resolutions.  This year I am reaching out to everyone and trying to start a movement to live a healthy and balanced life every day of the year.  On the first day of the New Year it makes sense to start something new and completely change your life for the better- I get it.  I spend plenty of time thinking about all of the things I want to change and improve upon in the new year.  But why not just resolve to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle?

What is a healthy lifestyle?  It does not mean eating healthy every second of every day and running on the treadmill until you fall off of it.  It means finding a balance.  Pick your battles and improve upon the little things.  Those little things make a big difference.  I have always found that acknowledging my weaknesses is what really helps to make better choices.  Make a schedule, try to work out on most days, relax on others, eat well on most days, indulge on others.  We live in such an all or nothing society, and I think it makes it hard for people to remember that there is a middle ground.  That middle ground is where a healthy lifestyle resides.

So in the spirit of the 2014, here are my top 5 tips for resolving to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle-

1. Set Realistic Goals.  Think things over, and set goals that are attainable.  A huge part of reaching your goals is setting yourself up to feel successful and positive about them.

2. Make a Schedule.  As with anything in life, setting a schedule is the best way to stick to it.  If you fall off of your schedule, dust yourself off and get right back on it.

3. Play to your Strengths AND your Weaknesses.  We all have weaknesses, and if we try to hide from them, they will sneak up when we least expect it.  Stare them in the face, and they won't have so much power over you.

4. Do NOT beat yourself up.  There will always be good days and bad days.  Relish the good days and learn from the bad days.

5. Have FUN.  This may be the most important one.  No matter how busy your life is, find a way to genuinely have fun every now and then.  Choose activities that you really love.  Allow yourself to feel like a kid again.


Workout of the Month

Run or Walk 1 Mile for time

50 Lunges     50 PushUps

50 Squat       50 Tricep Dips

50 StepUps   50 SitUps

1 Minute Plank   Run or Walk 1 Mile for time



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