The Resolution Project: The WHOLE30


The Whole30...where do I begin?  I have done it twice before, and it IS as good as they say.  You are guaranteed to feel lighter, well rested, and full of energy.  That being said, it is never easy to jump into starting a new one.  The Whole30 is a nutritional wake up call.  You spend 30 days eating real, whole foods, and nothing processed.  You cut out processed sugar, alcohol, grains, dairy, and other inflammatory foods. The first time I did it, it was mostly for performance reasons.  I noticed that I was at a plateau in my workouts, and someone suggested it to me.    I figured, why not?  I already ate a pretty healthy, balanced diet- or so I thought.  Honestly, I may have fallen off of the wagon after a week or so if it weren't for one thing; the results sent a jolt to my system, on a number of levels.  I felt leaner, faster, and more powerful than ever.  I slept more soundly, and the energy rollercoaster that I had been riding during my long days at work, gone.  It zoned in on the problems I had, and in 30 days, damn near fixed them all.  I never considered myself to be an emotional eater, but it definitely made me realize how addicted I was to some things.  At day 3, I had a full on stand off with a box of Wheat Thins that I am proud to say, I won.  People tend to think it is a bit extreme, but the fact is, with the way food rules our lives on a daily basis, it has to be extreme in order to help us build truly solid habits.  Everyone has something they need to fix.

Now, I would like to share with you some of the things that will make this easier-

#1- PREPARATION is by far the number one priority before starting a Whole30.  Go to the store and stock the house with only approved foods, and get rid of the ones that aren't.  Shop mostly on the outside of the grocery store.  Do not test your willpower at an unrealistic level, it will be tested plenty without having temptations at home too. 

#2- ACKNOWLEDGE your weaknesses, and stay away from them as much as possible.  Your weaknesses come more from an emotional need than a physical need.  We all have them, and if you face them in the beginning, you will conquer them faster.  After a week or so, you will start noticing a huge difference in your energy levels, and that will fuel you to keep going.

#3- LEARN as much as you can about what the Whole30 can do for you. I find that when I have weak moments, it helps to read about the benefits I am getting.  Check out this website for information on improving the quality of your life through nutrition.

#4- SUPPORT is found in numbers.  If you can do the 30 days in a group, do it.  Accountability is a beautiful thing, and you will definitely not slip and fall as easily with a bunch of people around you. 

#5- SUCK IT UP a little bit.  It will be hard in the beginning, but not THAT hard.  It is definitely worth it. 

#6- STAY TUNED with us for tons of fun recipes and updates on the WHOLE30 and our progress.  

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