Resolution Project: Nutrition


When you start a new exercise and fitness routine, nutrition is one of the hardest things to get on track.  I have talked a lot about setting realistic goals and expectations when the time comes to start a fitness routine, and the same goes for starting a nutrition routine. The one thing I insist people remember as far as exercise and nutrition is, YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL.  You are different than every single person around you.  That means that something may work for you that does not work for the person next to you, and vice versa.  It may take some time to nail down the exact nutritional plan that works for you.  However, while taking that into account, there are some basic principles that work for everyone.

#1- AVOID processed foods. Yes, that means everything that comes out of a box or a bag. Plan your meals, and that is the KEY to being successful with your nutrition.

#2- Eat a BALANCED diet.  Protein, Healthy Fats, Carbohydrates.  Make smart decisions on all fronts.  Choose proteins that are fed well and raised locally, because this means there is less of a process from the day they are born to the day you eat them.  If you are a vegetarian, do NOT neglect your proteins, but instead make them a priority.  Healthy fats are absolutely essential in maintaining a fully functional body and mind.  Carbohydrates are also very important, but choose them mindfully.  There are plenty of ways to get carbs that are clean and unprocessed. (Sweet Potatoes, Vegetables, Fruits, Whole Grains)

 #3- No ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS.  You know that sweet tooth you are always talking about?  Well, artificial sweeteners may be low in calories, but they feed the sweet tooth that is going to want to eat cookies and ice cream every day. 

#4- Practice GIVING UP the things you love the most.  Take a couple of weeks and give up something that you consider your ultimate weakness.  Not only will you conquer its psychological hold on you, but you will want it less, and appreciate it more when you do have it.

#5- PLAN PLAN PLAN.  This is the best advice I can give anyone on nutrition.  If your meals are planned out, you will be successful.  PLAN PLAN PLAN.

Below are a few of my favorite go to meals: One is a snack, one a balanced meal, and one a dessert. 

They are all unprocessed, real food.