Learning to Fail


The almighty F word, it can mean so many things.  In this instance, Failure.  Most people learn at a very early age to be disappointed in themselves when they fail.  Our lives are revolved around what it means to be successful, and what it means to, well, not be.  What no one tells us is that the only way to be successful is to fail, over and over and over again. Who would have thought that Samuel Beckett, one of the very bleak writers of our time, would describe it so damn perfectly.  Fail Better...I love those words so much.  They are so simple, short, and earth shattering.  Things like that are what makes this world, like the details in a snowflake or grains of sand under a microscope.  The things that are so small  but mean so much.  Samuel Beckett's words are like that, cutting and right to the point.  Period. My hopes are that I can be like that when I work, and in my passions.

     Anyways, onto where this fits into fitness.  I did just say how I want to get to the point, right?  If you have never reached failure in your work outs, true failure, then you are not doing it right.  Trust me, I am not saying that every day I peel myself off of the floor of the gym or field crying because I could not do one more, but it should happen sometimes.  That is the ONLY way to get better.  When you stop failing, you stop succeeding. My job is to tell you it is OK.  In fact, it is more than ok to fail.  Try it once. Set yourself up for it.  Tell yourself it is OK.  Leave, be disappointed, and watch that FIRE come out of you the next time you try it.  It is the only way to live.  We all need to fuel that fire inside us.

     Michael Jordan, one of my childhood heroes, said it perfectly in this quote:

    As far as your daily workout goes, pick one workout during the week that you really want to improve upon.  Take that day and push it to the limit.  Do your PushUps until you cannot do them anymore.  Do a Plank until your form breaks, and then stop.  Do not let the numbers control your potential.  Try a new exercise or event.  Take yourself out of your comfort zone, and your body and mind will thank you for it.

Workout of the Month:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes

20 Squats

20 PushUps

20 SitUps

20 Supermans

Run or Walk 400M