Knowing how to get a workout in ANYWHERE

With the spring here and the summer right around the corner, BBQ weekends and vacations are right in our sights.  Most people crumble when a busy weekend or vacation week come around, and focus on how busy they are and how much they have to do.  Exercise sometimes gets put on the back burner, when it is probably the thing we need the most if we are stressed and have a long list of things to do.  The key to keeping your sanity is finding a balance.  Workouts do not always need to be serious, and perfectly in order.  They can be thrown together as you go, and the more creative you get, the more your body will respond to it.

Creative workouts are extremely underrated.  Learning how to go with the flow can be very beneficial, especially when the weather is nice and you know you have a busy weekend, or are on vacation and have no equipment with you.  Don't let yourself take the easy way out.  A walk, a short run, or a circuit on a playground will do your body good.  Don't be scared to make mistakes.  We learn from doing things wrong.  The most important thing is to never give up, and not take it so seriously all the time.

Whenever I travel or want to do a quick workout on the go, I rely on a few integral exercises.  Some of the most efficient exercises require no equipment at all.  After you practice and get to know the proper form, you can put a workout together anywhere.  Some important things to keep in mind; alternate your upper body and lower body to keep your circuit going and balanced, throw cardio in between if you really want your heart pumping, and HAVE FUN.  Take advantage of your natural surroundings and the things that are already there.  A playground, bench, tree, log, rock, or the simple grass can make for great workout spots.  Act like a kid again.


Here are 7 of the most EFFICIENT exercises you could EVER do:

1- Walk or Run. Lace up your shoes and go.

2- Squats.

3- Push Ups.


4- Lunges.

5- Pull Ups.

6- Wall Sit.

7- Core Plank.

AND here are 5 things to remember when you are busy or on the go:

1- ANY exercise is better than NO exercise.

2- BE creative with your surroundings.

3- DON'T be afraid to get your hands dirty.

4- In 15 minutes you CAN get a good workout.

5- ACT like a kid again.