Find Your Fall Work Out

Now that the summer is over, we are in the middle of the best time of year to work out, especially outside.  There are tons of road races and walks, the air is starting to become crisp, and we get a small window of weather perfection before the winter starts to roll around in New England.  I talk with my clients a lot about the cycles of the year in terms of working out, and this is one of them.  The seasons are changing, and so should you.

Everyone who lives in New England learns to deal with the weather, roll with the punches, and appreciate the nice days when we have them.  In the early fall, the ocean temperature is mild, the sun is shining, and the humidity has *hopefully* taken a vacation until next year.  Clients often ask "Well, if I go outside to do a workout by myself, how do I know what to do?"  Don't get me wrong, there is an efficiency that it can take years to master in the fitness world.  However, putting a workout together for yourself can be simple and fun.

First, set a goal.  Decide what you want to get out of a workout.  Cardio, check. Strength, check. Balance, check. Power, check. Speed, check.  The number one mistake people make with their workout is not changing it.  I understand we are all creatures of habit in some way, but you will never get anything out of doing the same workout routine every day for a year straight.  Progression takes change.

Secondly, think of the exercises that are the most efficient. Sprinting, Swimming, Squats, Push ups, Deadlifts, Pull ups, Jumping, Climbing, Throwing, Pressing, Balancing.  Most of these can be done with little to no equipment.  You would be surprised by what you can do with a rock or tree stump if you are working outdoors.  Be creative.

Third, organize your workout.  This takes common sense and patience at times.   Power and strength exercises need rest in between, while a simple total body circuit is best in the order of upper body, lower body, or push movements, pull movements.  Your body will really reap the benefits of this kind of efficiency.  Try to keep most of your workouts balanced, just like you would have protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats at every meal.

Lastly, take advantage of what is around you.  As I have mentioned before, Rhode Island is a mecca for outdoor activity.  We have the beach, trails, hills, parks, and lakes everywhere!  There are also tons and tons of great runs, walks, and bike rides in the months of September and October.  Enjoy Little Rhody at its BEST!


October Race Picks


6th Annual Lung Cancer 5K Run/Walk & 1-Mile Walk

Slater Memorial Park

Pawtucket, RI 02861

The Color Run- Providence

Providence Place Mall

Providence, RI 02903


WOM (Workout of the Month)

*Find an outdoor track, trail, or anywhere you can map out 400M*

400M Run/Walk

20 Squats

15 PushUps

10 Burpees

1 Minute Core Plank


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