The Life Coach



With that long list of to-doʼs, how often do you stop and celebrate what youʼve accomplished? Really, whenʼs the last time you gave yourself permission to revel in your success? I know when Iʼm not thinking clearly, I tend to check off a task and move on to the next one, without giving it a second thought.

But hereʼs the thing: when we work hard at something, we owe it to ourselves (and anyone else on our team) to take the time to acknowledge what weʼve accomplished. Itʼd be like climbing a mountain and not stopping to appreciate the view. Or worse, seeing a neighboring mountaintop and hurrying back down just to bag the next peak. Quickly moving on to the next challenge sets up a mental pattern that says ʻthis process is never-ending and the results donʼt really matter anyway.ʼ

Thinking you just donʼt have time to celebrate? Think again. If youʼve got the time to do the work, youʼve got time to celebrate the achievement. Schedule it right into your calendar and make it happen. It doesnʼt have to be complicated. After getting through a tough meeting, treat yourself to a mocha latte. Once youʼve finished repainting the living room, get together with friends and show it off. Whatever you do, remember itʼs your responsibility to recognize your progress and give yourself that important boost of appreciation and the resulting self-esteem -- which sets the stage for more success. Big or small, our accomplishments point to what we value in life and celebrating them helps us remember to enjoy life as weʼre living it.