W Salon: Winter Hair Repair

When the temperatures get colder, I need change.  I pull out my cozy sweaters and change my skin care and makeup routine.  Well, my hair was feeling a little left out and also sort of out of place wit my still beachy blond tresses.  I wanted something darker and more sophisticated to go along with the Fall and Winter season.  In a nutshell - Major overhaul! I wanted less Baywatch Bleach Blonde and more Jennifer Aniston Caramel Shiny Blonde.  I had heard about the W salon from a client, who had moved here from New York and had nothing but great things to say about the place.  She said she was tired of paying a small fortune for her hair services and found exactly what she was looking for at the W salon - great cut and color at a reasonable price. I figured, if it is good enough for an ex New Yorker, it is good enough for me. So I thought I would give it a go and booked an appointment.

The salon is located on the Westside in the Armory Revival District and is nestled in between a cozy coffee shop and some trendy shops. I had an appointment with Casey, who is a Master Stylist and Colorist, as well asa Deva Curl specialist. ( so, all of my friends with curly hair that can never het the right haircut, Casey is your girl!) The interior is fun and unpretentious with a funky, urban vibe. I settled into my movie theater seat and had a cup of coffee while Casey was finishing up with a client.

Before we got down to business, Casey really listened to my wishes and together we decided on a battle plan.  I like being a blonde, but not THAT blonde and I wanted to be able to go longer between appointments without my roots showing.  Also I wanted my hair to look shiny and healthy again without loosing too much length - I am trying to grow out my hair.    Then, she took me to the “Coloring Room” - WOW!

Need I say more?  It was my own little slice of heaven.  The room was bright and airy and you get to relax in a cozy chair and read one of the many magazines that are lined up in from of you, while sipping your beverage of choice, or watch your favorite  show on the flat screen television.  This is a busy mom’s nirvana.  I never wanted to leave.  Casey colored my roots a few shades darker and then also worked in some low lights throughout my hair to break up my monotone color and give it some.  After that, it was on to a glaze to increase the shine and a hair mask to restore my tresses back to health.  While the treatment was working its magic, Casey and I chatted and she really knows her stuff when it comes to hair.  I was asking her a million questions about shampoos and styling products and she gave me great advice.  My visit came to an end with a trim and killer blowout.  Casey cut off my dead ends and gave my hair a little more structure by framing my face with some long layers and a sweeping bang.  Her blowout was phenomenal and lasted for days. Since then, I have been keeping up with deep conditioning treatments at home about once a week and I have to say, it makes a huge difference in the health of your hair.  My roots are a lot less visible and I love that.

Casey really listened to me and gave me exactly what I wanted.  I left feeling like a million bucks. 

The W salon is a full service salon and is located at 713 Westminster Street in Providence.  Call 401-421-8439 to make your appointment and to take advantage of their current holiday specials.  Get  a Brazilian Blowout treatment for  only $175, or purchase a $100 gift card and get a $25 gift certificate free.  More  info can be found on their website at  www.thewsalon.biz  or on their Facebook page. Both promos are valid from Nov 29 thru Dec 31, 2013.