Virtual Fall Beauty Boot Camp


Virtual Fall Beauty Bootcamp Session
6 weeks, starting September 23, 2013.
Early Registration $55.00,
after September 18th, $75.00.
For more information and to register, go to
Week 1-Skin care
Customized routine and product recommendations based on your skin type and
lifestyle, as well as specific concerns you would like to address. Also, you will
receive my very own, personal insider secrets to deal with problems such as a
zit, clogged pores, hormonal acne, age spots, crows feet.....
Week 2 -Tools and Products
Brushes and Products required for a basic, everyday makeup application.
Tutorial on brushes and their correct usage, as well as proper care. Included is
also a list of products everyone should have in their makeup bag, as well as a
customized list of colors suited to their skin tone.
Week 3 - Eyes
Basic eye makeup application tutorial and email newsletter to follow directions
on paper. Everyone will also receive customized recommendations suited to
their eye color.
Week 4 - Foundation and Concealer
Complete overview of different types of foundations and concealers, what they
are used for and how to apply them. Tutorial on correct foundation and
concealer application.
Week 5- Bronzer, Highlighter and Blush
Proper placement of bronzer, blush and highlighter. Face charts and tutorials
are included. You will receive a list of my favorite tried and true products in
each category.
Week 6- Fall Beauty Trends and my best tips and tricks.
You will receive a list of
products to update your makeup bag for Fall, as well as a list of my favorite tips
and best tricks I have learned over the years.
Bonus Week-Question and Answer session:
Send me your most pressing beauty questions and I will answer them and post
them in my last newsletter to everyone.
So don't wait- Register Now! The workshop begins on Monday September 23, 2013. Limited Spaces available. Everyone who registers for this workshop will be entered to win a customized goody bag with products recommended during this session, worth over $250, from such high end companies as Urban Decay, Cargo and Caudalie.