Summer Hair - From Dry & Brittle to Oh La La!


I love Summer - I wait for it all year long.  I love going to the beach, swimming in the ocean and the pool, and spending my days outdoors in the sun going on adventures with my boys. Unfortunately, this does not leave much time for personal grooming and maintenance and  my hair pays the price.  After weeks of chlorine, salt water and-at home coloring to get me through the summer, my hair was fried and, gasp, yellow!!! 

I needed some immediate emergency hair rescue - stat! The second my kids went back to school,  I made an appointment at La La Luxe, a cute and airy salon on Elmgrove Avenue.  Amber, my stylist, greeted me and whisked me into the recently expanded back part of the salon.  She listened to my concerns and immediately came up with a game plan.  I was also under a time constraint and needed to be done rather quickly.  She lifted my roots to match the rest of my hair and then added a glaze in a cool tone to remove some of the brassiness I had acquired over the summer.  The glaze also helped infuse some much needed shine.  A glaze is demi permanent, which means it will last about 4 weeks. (During this whole process, I spotted another fellow back-to-school mom getting her grooming on.  We certainly know our priorities :-))   Amber finished with a protein packed mask to nourish my hair back to health.  With a quick bang trim to finish the job and a killer blow out, I emerged a new woman.  My shiny new locks and I even had enough time to grab a quick cup of coffee at Starbucks before heading to my next appointment.  Emergency averted!

If you are in need of an end-of-summer hair intervention, call (401) 383-3797 to make your appointment.  Your hair will thank you!  La La Luxe is a full service salon and offers everything from from hair to makeup, bridal services and nails, as well as different blowout options, including the Basic Blowout ($30.00), the Faux Blow, a blowout and clip-in extensions ($65.00 & up) and the Bombshell Blowout (Blowout, Mini makeover and lashes $55.00).  My blowout lasted 4 days and was amazing.  I am going back!