Spring Cleaning for Make Up


I have a confession - my makeup bag is currently a total mess.  I have 3, yes 3, makeup bags filled with products.  It is time for a little Spring cleaning.  We will start with what to keep and what to toss and then we will discuss how to keep it neat and organized.  So, tet's tackle the abyss that is your makeup bag.  First,  toss everything that is past its prime.  Yes, makeup has an expiration date.  Here is the lowdown:

First and most importantly, be ruthless!  Old makeup is a total germ fest and you don't want that anywhere near your face.  Second, NEVER, ever, ever share mascara with ANYONE, not even your mom or your sister, and toss it frequently.  I replace mine every other month.  Once it gets clumpy - Sayonara! I know that seems like a lot, but I am finicky about this and that is why I don't drop $32.00 on a tube and I strongly believe that no one  else should, either. If you want to buy the fancy schmancy Dior mascara for a small fortune, be my guest, but personally, I love  L'oreal Voluminous Mascara.  It is amazing and runs about $8.00 a tube.  Ok, here  are some guidelines to help you weed through your stuff:

Mascara 2-3 months

Foundation  6-12 months

Gloss 1 year

Lipstick 1 year

Powders 2 years

Nail polish 1-2 years

Body lotion 2 years

Fragrance up to 8 years.

Obviously, if is smells bad or has separated , it is past its prime.

Lastly , it is best to use any skin care within a few months of buying it. The sooner, the better, really. Although it doesn't  necessarily go bad in that time frame,  it will start to lose its effectiveness the second you open it.  This holds especially true for such ingredients as Vitamin C, which are highly unstable.  For this reason, I am a big fan of products that come in metal tubes, such as Roc and  Garnier, because they don't let air into the product and therefore keep it  stable longer, hence maintaining  their potency.

Ok, now that we have discarded all of our old and expired makeup, it is time to get organized! IIf your makeup bag has seen better days, it might be time to replace that too.  Here are some cute options: 


I have a larger bag for my everyday essentials and a smaller version for all of my evening makeup products and different lip colors. Everything I don't use on a daily basis goes in a separate bag. ( A clear Ziploc storage bag is a great and budget friendly alternative!)  Next,  put your brushes in a ziplock bag and then put that in your makeup bag.  This will help keep your brushes free of dust and germs and, in turn, will keep the rest of your makeup clean.  Make sure to never put damp brushes in your Ziploc, as they will get moldy.  I am not a big fan of storing your brushes in a cup on your counter, as they will quickly collect dust and germs.   Ok, now we are neat and organized and ready  for Spring!