Eyelash Extensions


I have not been blessed with long, luscious lashes.  As irony would have it, my 8 year old son has the most beautiful and delicious lashes and I want them.  As a makeup artist, I have become pretty adept at applying mascara and adding the occasional cluster of fake lashes for special occasions, but I am looking for a better solution.  I have sent  countless brides for eyelash extensions to Facing Thayer, a wonderful beauty boutique and spa on Thayer Street, and I was ready to  finally give it a try myself.  The idea of having no-fuss long lashes really appealed to me, especially during the summer months – no mascara necessary!  I always tell my clients that it is so important to go to a reputable place when getting extensions and I have heard quite a few horror stories, from loosing you own lashes and damaging your actual eye, from inexpensive, non-licensed nail salons that will  attach lash clusters with nail glue – Yikes!  Facing Thayer is the leader in eyelash extensions, they use a high quality product called Lavish Lashes and they do a wonderful job.

 I stepped into the spa and immediately fell in love with the cute, but modern interior and was delighted to discover that they carry a lot of the brands I love, including Dermalogica, Stila and Glamglow, just to name a few.  Before my appointment, I was greeted by the owner, Abby Backlund and her associate, Chelsea, who is certified in lash extensions.  Before we got down to business, I needed to fill out a questionaire and we also discussed the look I was going for.  The lashes come in various lengths and thicknesses and can go from very natural to quite bold.  I opted for a pretty natural, everyday look.  My options were to have the extensions applied just to the outer corners, which are called Party Lashes, or to get a full set.  I opted for the full set. Contacts removed, I was asked to settle into a rather cozy looking recliner and wrapped in a warm blanked. Time to settle down, because this process is rather tedious (for the technician – not me) and takes 2 hours for the full set.   Once reclined, you almost feel like you are upside down. Your bottom lashes are taped down with special tape and then the process begins. 

Your eyes remain closed the entire time and you don’t feel anything, except the occasional brushing of the lashes. During this time, my lovely technician applied my extensions meticulously, starting with the longest and thickest lashes at the outer corners and working her way in with the lashes getting thinner and shorter.  Each lash is glued to your own individual lashes with high-grade, cosmetic glue. The first hour felt great – very relaxing, I even dozed off for a little while.  But, I will not lie, for me laying still got increasingly difficult and I was ready to get up at the 90 minute mark.  The last 30 minutes were tough, as you are laying still and not moving at all. I couldn’t wait to see the results and I was not disappointed.  I saw beautiful, silky lashes looking back at me in the mirror and they looked completely natural - just like my very own lashes.  My eyes did feel a little dry and irritated for the remainder of the day, but that had subsided by the next day.  Also, my eyes are very sensitive, so that might have just been me.  After a couple of weeks, the extensions started to fall out slowly, one by one.  All in all, they lasted about 6 weeks.  I LOVED them! 

I unfortunately did not have the time to go back for a fill, which is recommended about every 3 weeks, so now I am back to my puny old self.  But sometimes, I still dream about my days of long luscious lashes.

Call Facing Thayer at (401) 331-4777, or visit their website at www.facingthayer.com,  to make your appointment.  A full set takes 2 hours and the cost is $220.00.  Party lashes are $100.00 and take about one hour.  Lash fill rates are $50.00 for 30 minutes, $70.00 for 45 minutes and $90.00 for 60 minutes.

Kirsten is a Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist with almost 20 years experience in the field. Her artistry and advice have been published on The Knot, Style Me Pretty,The Providence Journal and Rhode Island PBS, among others.  She was part of the makeup team at StyleWeek NorthEast 2013 and is a regular contributor to WPRI's The Rhode Show.  Most recently, Kirsten has started a beauty and lifestyle blog,thedailybeautyblotter.com, in an effort to make her knowledge and expertise accessible to everyone in a fun and approachable way.