Maternity Style

Maternity style is admittedly something I’ve not thought much about for a few years, but when my intern Stephanie announced her pregnancy, I knew we had to address this unique style challenge!

In the first trimester, many women can simply use a hair elastic through the loop and around the button of their jeans to provide an extra inch or two for a growing waist.  Other quick fixes include:

Bra back extender - increases the band size of your bra by a few inches to accommodate an expanding ribcage.

Bellaband – a seamless maternity band that holds up (otherwise too tight) unbuttoned jeans.

Spanx ‘Power Mama’ Power Panties – specifically designed with your baby bump in mind, these shape and smooth your bum and thighs.

In the second and third trimesters (if not sooner!), most women will need to buy a maternity wardrobe.  And since most of us don’t have the budget of a Kim Kardashian or Princess Kate, I recommend concentrating on basic staples that you can mix and match to build a variety of looks.

A great pair of maternity jeans is worth the investment and you can wear them all the time.  Keep them for future pregnancies - or sell them on eBay when you’re done to recoup part of the expense.  My favorites are Citizens of Humanity and Paige Premium Denim.

To get the most bang for your buck, look for basic tops in solid colors that can be easily accessorized.  I love the top shown above, by Isabella Oliver.

Think of ways to creatively use accessories that you already have – a statement necklace or scarf can transform an outfit!

Accessories can be the key to keeping your individual style without spending a lot of money while you are pregnant.  As well, one size fits all!  Anything new that you buy while pregnant will still fit after the baby comes…

Best maternity steals:  Old Navy, Motherhood and Target

Best maternity splurges:  A Pea in the Pod, Shopbop, and Isabella Oliver

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