Feng Shui Your Style

There’s nothing like a new year, (or new season for that matter!  Many love the freshness of fall/“back to school”) for new beginnings.  It’s no wonder the most common request I get at both these times is for my “Closet Cleanup”.

Our consumerist culture has us into buying more and more (hello, Target!) but actually using/wearing less because it all gets lost in the shuffle.  The result is massive amounts of clutter!  And the truth is, even clients of mine with huge wardrobes tend to wear 20% of their clothes, 80% of the time, like the rest of us.

In her book, “Feng Shui for Your Life”, author Jayme Barrett says, “Clutter pulls your energy down.  You may experience this as feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, confused, or depressed.” She continues, “Organizing your belongings will bring you liberation and expansion.  Instead of focusing on what you are getting rid of, concentrate on moving toward your dream and goals.  As soon as you begin, you will feel lighter, happier, more motivated, and more confident about yourself.  When you remove the clutter, you’ll have nothing holding you back, and your life will be free to take the form you envision for it.”

French women, known for their impeccable style, own fewer pieces of higher quality clothing and are masters at mixing and matching.  They invest in quality that lasts longer and care for each garment carefully.  We should endeavor to do the same, and the first step is purging the bad so we can actually find the good!


So, how to begin dealing with the clutter in your closet?  Start small.

If the thought of organizing your entire closet feels overwhelming, pick one section.  Shoes? Handbags? Scarves?  When your belongings are organized and neat, you will clearly see what you have and be more likely to wear them.  Toss anything damaged and set aside items that can be mended or used in a different way.  (For example, I use an old clutch to contain all my stylist supplies like pins, chalk, tape, etc.).

Jayme says, “Just clearing one drawer can open up your heart and mind to new possibilities.  You will immediately feel a sense of relief and will have more energy to continue the process.”

Continuing through your closet, tell yourself:  If something is not useful or beautiful, it needs to find a new home.  Donate items that no longer fit or flatter you, and let go of the guilt that has you holding on to gifts you never loved. You will be amazed what turns up in your life when you make room for it.