Creating your own Unique Style


Women who are happiest with their appearance are those who feel their wardrobe is a true reflection of who they are.  What does your personal style say about you? 

To find your own unique style, start by creating a style-specific vision board.  Print out or create a Pinterest board of clothing styles that appeal to you from websites, magazines, and catalogs.  As well, select pictures of people and words that inspire you and hold the qualities that you admire.  Cut out anything you are attracted to, want more of, are inspired by, or just love for no apparent reason.  This includes clothes, words, environments and people.  The key is to make no judgments i.e. “that wouldn’t look good on me”.

Creating a vision board is great for a few reasons:

  • Many women have never stopped to think about what they like.  Maybe they’ve been buying off sale racks their entire lives and are accustomed to “leftovers”.  Maybe they have resigned themselves to baggy clothing from years past, or worse yet, their husband’s clothes.  Taking the time to look through magazines and websites to see what attracts your eye is a great start to figuring out what will work for you.
  • Vision boards utilize a part of your brain called the reticular activating system (RAS).  The role of the RAS is to filter out stimuli, preventing sensory overload. At the same time, it picks out information from your environment that is valuable to you and brings it to your attention.  Creating a vision board programs your RAS to recognize and pay attention to things that are in alignment with your goals.  (Your job is to take action when opportunities present themselves!)  The reticular activating system is why we hear our name across a loud room, why we sleep through some noise but not our baby’s cry, and why when we buy a new car we suddenly notice it everywhere.
  • The process of creating a vision board helps you identify themes that will emerge - there are usually cuts and styles that show up more than once, and colors, textures and patterns appear that will be excellent guides when you are shopping.

Attach your pictures to a bulletin board (or print out your Pinterest board) and place it somewhere you see it often.  The process of choosing these visuals helps them stay in your subconscious mind and steer your choices toward making your vision real. 

When you go shopping, constantly refer back to your vision board and make sure your purchases reflect what you love.  The best individual style is one that is uniquely yours!

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Jill Marinelli is a personal stylist who is passionate about helping women look and feel fabulous.  She appears regularly on WPRI’s “The Rhode Show” and in her “My Style” segment on 92 Pro-FM.  Learn more about Jill’s services and her stylist training program at

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