Best of Jeans

It’s one of the most common questions I get from my clients – how do I find a pair of jeans that are right for me? 
First, know that you should plan to try on lots of different kinds of denim.  Women come in all different shapes and sizes and what works for your friend may not work for you!  Let the salesperson or a trusty personal stylist (ahem) help you – we know the many brands and cuts well and can save you angst by guiding you toward a pair that flatters your shape and budget.  Speaking of budget, a great pair of jeans is something I advise you spend up on.  The right pair will make you look and feel fantastic and many designer brands are truly worth the splurge.  If you wear jeans often, consider the concept of "cost per wear" (the price of the item divided by the number of time you will wear it).  
Here are six of my favorite jeans, broken down by some of the most common body challenges.
Best jeans if you are full in the hips and thighs:
Wide leg / trouser jeans.  The wider bottom of wide leg and trouser jeans balances out a fuller hip.  Avoid whiskering below the front pockets - it emphasizes and visually widens hips.  Also avoid flap pockets and embellishments if you don’t want to emphasize a full derriere.
Pair to try:  NYDJ “Greta”
Best if you have a tummy:

Pull-on styles.  Yes, I mean elastic waistband!  I’ve been saying for years that there should be a jean similar to maternity styles for those of us non-pregnant people who struggle with a bit of a belly.  Pull-on jeans have a wide elastic band that smooths and tames the belly, so say goodbye to muffin top!  If I hadn’t personally dressed someone in these jeans, I wouldn’t believe how great they look.  Not to mention that they are crazy comfortable…

Pair to try:  Jag “Malia” Slim
Best jeans if you are afraid of skinny jeans:
Straight leg jeans are a nice compromise between bootcut and skinny - they will give you a similar silhouette to a skinny but they aren't as tight on the bottom.  You can wear them inside of your boots or with pumps.  Very versatile!
Best jeans if you are slim in the hips and thighs:
Skinny jeans can be tricky for many women to wear because of their tendency to make the ankles look tiny and the hips look bigger, creating the dreaded "ice cream cone" effect.  This problem can usually be remedied by throwing on a pair of boots (which visually expand the bottom of the leg and therefore make the hips look more balanced).  However, if you are slim in the hips and thighs, wear skinny jeans sans boots with reckless abandon!
Best all around:
When in doubt about your body type and what will work for you, go with a classic pair of bootcuts in a dark, even wash.  They are universally flattering and always in style.
Best bargain:
Old Navy’s “Flirt” Bootcut jeans are incredibly flattering on almost everyone - at a price ($29.95) that can’t be beat!
Jill Marinelli is a style & beauty expert who appears regularly on WPRI’s The Rhode Show and 92 Pro-FM radio.  Known for her unique approach to styling, Jill focuses on appearance as a way of communicating with others.  

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