Personal Style

What Are You Waiting For?


When people look at you, what do you want them to know about you?  As humans, we all want to be known, and our dress is another form of communicating to others.

I teach women how to cultivate their own personal style by honoring their individuality and the body they inhabit right now – not the one they had 10 years or 10 pounds ago.  Are you honoring your current self?  Or are you punishing yourself by waiting to go shopping until you’ve lost weight, started working out, or [insert reason here]?

What if you clothed your body in garments that fit you and made you feel good?  What would that communicate to others?

We’ve all seen women wearing clothes that are obviously too tight, and it’s uncomfortable to see.  On the other hand, some women are hiding under clothes that are much too big.  Neither look conveys confidence!

In the years after I had my kids, I beat myself up over my “baby belly” and kept wearing old slim-fitting tops that better suited my pre-motherhood shape.  They made me feel bad about myself and actually highlighted the very area that I didn’t like.

When I trained as a stylist and learned about body types, I had an aha! moment: This is my shape now.  I don’t have to fight it anymore; I can just dress it in the most flattering way and move on.  I don’t wear my old clingy pre-baby tops anymore – they no longer serve me and the body I inhabit today.

You can have the same liberation.  If your body has changed or you’ve gained weight and it’s been around a while, get rid of the too small sizes that make you feel like crap when you open your closet.  Accept your current self and buy clothes that fit you now.  Don’t worry about the size in the label.  Dress for proper fit and size doesn’t matter.

I know a woman who is not traditionally beautiful, thin or young (the horror!) and she wears beautiful clothes that fit and flatter her body.  She shows her personality and is comfortable in her own skin.  She always wears red lipstick and when I am with her I am mesmerized.  Her authentic style is powerful.  That’s what I want for all women.

So, stop waiting for a future body that may or may not ever exist and start adorning your beautiful self today.  Everyone should look and feel fabulous, and working with what you’ve got is the key to getting there.

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Jill is a personal stylist and beauty expert who appears regularly on WPRI’s The Rhode Show (weekdays at 9am). For help cleaning out your closet, dressing for your body type, and developing your own personal style, contact Jill or visit