Travel in Style


As a clothier, I spend many days of the year travelling to meet with designers in fashion epicenters such as Manhattan and Milan. My goal is to continuously find the globe’s premier product for our clients, season after season. I spent the past week on a buying trip in Manhattan with our chief of staff, Jim.  We are extremely excited to introduce some new brands and edgy product into Rhode Island. 

Along with travelling comes one of America’s most challenging past times…packing. When the word “packing” is brought up, thoughts of wrinkled shirts or over stuffed suitcases immediately come to mind. I can think of friends who start packing weeks before a flight…and I can also name a few friends who pack as they are running out the door to catch a flight. Packing is an art that most Americans have not perfected and it maintains its place as one of the uglier elements to travel.

My job today is to ease the pain. Remembering that most men don’t unpack their suitcases upon arriving at their destination, it is important for us to make sure to present a methodology that allows for a suitcase living’. We need to think about the order in which things are packed (there’s nothing worse than messing up your entire suitcase the first night at your destination) and we need to think about protecting clothing so it doesn’t get wrinkled or ruined. Preparing you for your next trip, follow the suitcase packing tips below.

1. To avoid a messy and expensive lesson, put all gels, liquids, and creams in a plastic bag.

2. Everyone has seen the baggage handlers at the airport toss, kick, and slam bags – placing your shoes around the perimeter of your suitcase provides a layer of padding and protection for your goods.

3. Next, stuff your underwear in your shoes. This will help protect your shoes and save space.

4. Place your t-shirts, workout clothing, and other casual items on the bottom of your suitcase. Items on the bottom of the suitcase will get wrinkled.

5. Roll your trousers to maximize space and minimize wrinkles.

6. Top your suitcase off with dress shirts.

7. Wear your sports coat and/or jackets.

8. Pack a laundry bag for the trip home. Do you really want your sweaty gym clothes and/or dirty underwear touching anything that may be clean?

Happy travels!

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