Pocket Squares: Sophisticated Confidence

Once only a site amongst aristocrats and socialites, the pocket square has recently become a mainstream accessory.  Credit pop culture (think “Mad Men) and a shift toward sophistication, men are now dressing up their suits in as many ways as possible.  When done right, pocket squares present an opportunity to show style and confidence. Pocket squares should be worn anytime you are wearing a suit coat, sport coat or blazer.  Certainly, a pocket square is important across formal settings, but they are also equally formidable with jeans and chinos.  A tie is not a requisite; pocket squares are versatile and when worn properly, can enhance any ensemble.

Always make sure your pocket square is clean and pressed; they should look clean and crisp.  Your pocket square should stand out from  your suit and neck tie.  Too many men lose the “pop” a pocket square brings to an outfit by blending it to the rest of their outfit.  Use your socks or necktie as a color guide, but make sure the square has a slight contrast to the outfit.  A well-executed pocket square adds dimension to your outfit, and blending it to your clothing will kill any of this dimension or excitement.

Finally, be creative and memorable.  Fold your pocket square in different ways, use different patterns, and be adventurous.  A cool pocket square can make the dullest suit stand out from the masses.  Don’t be afraid to show personality, pocket squares come in many varieties and your choice should reflect confidence, style, and sophistication.