Men's Jewelry

Women love jewelry and accessories. Think about all of the money you’ve dumped over the years on your wife or team of Rotenier Cufflinksgirlfriends; earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings….the list goes on and on. For some of you, I probably would bet that we just described a small fortune. Men on the other hand tend to avoid most types of jewelry. Watches are fairly common, but too much jewelry and we end up looking like a cast member of the Jersey Shore. Our advice is simple; cufflinks are the best way for a man to wear something cool without looking like Pirate.

Our advice; wear cufflinks that reflect you. Cufflinks come in different shapes (from objects to animals), sizes, colors, and styles. If your goal is to express individuality, go out and find cufflinks of your favorite childhood super hero. Likewise, if your goal is to communicate success, you can get the biggest bling in the city. Cufflinks are to be worn with double cuffed shirts (hence, “cufflinks”) as they replace buttons in fastening the shirt together. Make sure that you’re wearing a shirt with the proper sleeves for cufflinks – otherwise, even the coolest cufflinks will look out of place.

In the past, cufflinks were seen as an accessory only worn at special occasions with formalwear. However, the times are changing and today; cufflinks are commonly worn with casual wear. It has become common for guys to dress their jeans up with a French cuffed shirts and cuff links when they go out and want to look casual, but still a bit nicer than usual. When tending toward casual, bring out the fun; hockey sticks, Spiderman, puzzle pieces, boobs, and sailboats all tell a story. Cufflinks are the coolest men’s accessory to dress up or dress down with personality and style.

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