I was with my two kids at the pool over the weekend when my daughter caught notice of what she thought to be a guerilla coming out of the water.  To get right to the point; there is nothing more unsightly than a man with more hair on his back than his head.  The summer can show an embarrassing truth for some men at the beach or the pool, some of us are hairy.  Fortunately and with technology on our side, the art of “manscaping” has become easier for men across the world every year. 
Manscaping is the male process of trimming or removing unwelcomed body hair.  While some men are naturally smooth all over, most men have a strange growth patch of sorts somewhere on their body.  I know that we’ve discussed the pool, but the same principles can be applied to your unsightly nose hairs or the wacky garden growing from your ear.  Flirting with censorship, it’s no longer the seventies, and you should even regularly manscape below your belt.  As time continues to progress, manscaping has become more popular and easier with improvements to technology. 
There are many different ways to go about manscaping. Fortunately, the tools used to manscape have only gotten more advanced and easier to use over time. Razors, for example, now contain multiple blades ensuring a closer shave. Other treatments, such as laser removal, waxing, electric razors and depilatory creams are also common and effective ways to manscape. Overall, a good manscape is essential to a sharp appearance.
In the summer, there is no reason to wear a sweater to the pool.  It is nearly impossible to effectively shave your back with frequency.  Accordingly, we recommend longer-term hair removal solutions such as waxing or laser removal.  Waxing is moderately painful, but the effects last 4-6 weeks.  Laser removal is a little bit more expensive, but the results are long lasting.  A few trips to the dermatologist, and the forest of hair on your back will turn into a desert. 
We recommend a good hair trimmer.  You need to hear with your ears and smell with your nose; keep the razor blade away.  Good electric trimmers can be purchased at your local pharmacy. 
This is really up to you.  You can try a depilatory cream such as Nair, a good razor, an electric shaver, or wax the whole thing off.  Make sure that you use ample lotion after hair removal so your chest stays clean and smooth.
The Boys
Last and most important, we recommend using a razor if you’re looking to give the boys a haircut.  Waxing is far too painful for such a sensitive area and I don’t trust any chemicals that remove anything beneath the belt.  Always shave in a hot shower with ample shaving cream and a good moisturizing lotion. 
Some men are still old school and think that a patch of hair still turns a woman wild.  This is no longer the case; make sure you stay clean and confident.  Think about that nasty patch of hair you’ve been holding for years, and get rid of it!  Your friends, sexual partners, and the general public will be glad you trimmed the bushes!