Lack of Hair Style

Too frequently, we hear the ballad of the balding man. They always start by showing up in our store wearing a hat. I need to take a step back and remind everyone that men over 30 should never wear a hat indoors. Next, we see the failed attempt to cover the damage. We see the infamous comb over or a strange patch of thinning hair grown an inch too long surrounding the bald spot. While the idea of covering skin with hair seems like a plan, a swift breeze will ruin your plan. Finally, we see gel. Men think they’ll be able to sculpt and mold their existing hair in a fashion that yields the appearance of more hair. Again, a major fail.

So what do we recommend; first, don’t be afraid to embrace the bald. Think Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel; bald as a cue ball, but capable of hitting homeruns every time they step up to the plate. Shave it to the scalp and show it off. You’ll stay cool in the summers and dry quick after the shower. Bald is masculine and stylish. As long as you have the face to support it, give bald a shot.

Not all of us have the face to pull off the shaved head. In fact, I certainly don’t have the face to pull the full bald. So as your hair goes, what can you do? Keep your hair short, neat, and trimmed. Use a good shampoo and moisturizer that keeps your existing hairs looking soft. The more groomed the hairs on your head look, the less ugly the bald.

If you’re losing your hair (which 95% of men do) and it’s driving you nuts, there are options to do…and options to avoid.  It’s  best to stay away from the hair pieces or toupees. I have yet to see one that looked truly authentic.  If you’re looking for success there are really two options. I’ve had some friends try the Propecia and Rogaine cocktail with moderate results. While both drugs claim regrowth, they seem to fall more under the realm of preventative maintenance. If you feel the overwhelming desire to re-grow, Bosely is your answer. Not cheap and rather painful, the investment will yield a new patch of hair on the top of your head.

Finally, the best way to lose your hair is to do so with confidence. If you’re constantly fighting the bald, you’ll look like you’re losing a battle with an unbeatable enemy. Ninety-five percent of men go bald and it’s a natural part of aging. Keep it neat and stay cool. Don’t fight it – maybe even enjoy it - and you’ll win the battle.