Colored Denim


Generally speaking, men don’t wear colorful items below the waist.  Think about your closet; I bet all of your jeans are blue and your dress pants are brown, black, charcoal, or khaki.  Where traditional men stray from the safe colors is typically on their shirt or tie.  Men use their “upper half” to distinguish themselves from the masses. 

Over the last couple of years, colored denim jeans have begun to make it into the lines of the world’s top fashion brands.  Jeans ranging in color from red to charcoal to green to purple are being seen on discerning men across the world.  This look is for the person who wants to be on the edge.  In order to look good in colored denim, one must wear them with confidence and feel comfortable in something a little fashion adventurous.

When wearing your first pair of denim jeans, it is best to pair them with neutral colors.  A rookie mistake is to wear something adventurous both above and below the waist.  Pair your red jeans with a charcoal or brown shirt.  This will put the emphasis on your jeans and turn the lower half of your outfit into the statement.

If you really want to make a statement, you can combine colors.  Make sure that you have an eye for color…or you check with your wife before stepping out of the house.  You can combine yellow jeans with a blue shirt or green jeans with an orange sweater.  This look really showcases someone’s personality; it can really make you stand out.  However, if you are the least bit uncomfortable with either combining colors or wearing fairly adventurous clothing, this probably isn’t the look for you. 

Our advice is to start simple.  Dark green or brown denim is an easier starting point than purple.  Stick to the basics; match your first pair of colored denim pants with a grey sweater to look cool and feel comfortable.  Blue jeans get boring over the course of time – trust us – once you start adding a few colored denim options into your wardrobe, you’ll appreciate the variety, and you’ll be trying a new style at that!