Cologne, the Scent of a True Man


That little something extra that when applied appropriately, can win the admiration of the ladies, or men, you have in your sights.  Here's what you need to know:


As Jay-Z says,"No cheap cologne whenever I (shh-shh);" HOVA, Jay-Z, warns us against using the cheap stuff, avoid it at all cost…nobody wants to be that guy drenched in the Hugo Boss from the high school days.  Cologne is nothing that one should skimp on when it comes to price.  If the suit makes the man, then cologne gives him that extra swagger.  Some of the best cologne's on the market are Creed ( Also, avoid all unisex colognes, while CK One may have been a hit in the early 90's, no man should ever smell like his chick or vice versa.


Application is the most crucial aspect to this art form.  If applied correctly you shall reap the rewards, if not done correctly…well, lets just say nobody wants to be "that guy who smells funky."  So keep it light and pay close attention to these instructions: While some men prefer the spray close to your heart - we find this method leaves you with one big old stinky spot on your shirt.  We much prefer the spray - walk into method.  Holding the bottle spray one spritz into the air, quickly step into the mist, hold for a second and step out of the mist.  This method is sure to leave you with a scent that is just right.


Every man should have a rotation of at least three cologne bottles, to avoid the risk of being known as a predictable guy or being defined by "that smell." Don't be afraid to switch it up, but always be sure that the smell fits the setting, make sure you know the difference between appropriate daytime cologne versus nighttime.