Autumn Style - Get Your Sweater On

It’s amazing how quickly the seasons change in Rhode Island; two weeks ago, we were blasting the AC in our store to keep our clients cool and comfortable as they come off the street. While out to dinner tonight in Providence, I saw the majority of passing Rhode Islanders donning jackets and sweaters (sans some of the RISD kids – they seem to constantly be inventing their own line of unidentifiable clothing pieces).  Autumn is here and men start to layer up. Over the next few weeks and as the temperature drops, were going to discuss different pieces of clothing you should have in your wardrobe to accommodate the change in the air. Since we’re not quite into jacket weather yet, we’re going to start basic and discuss the sweater.

First, we need to remember that we are stepping out into a nice autumn day and in order to best meet the season, we need to make sure a few basic rules are followed. Avoid bright colors; your yellows, pinks, and pastels are best kept for the spring and summer. If you’re looking to dress up, go with darker grays, navy blue, or black. If you’re going casual, muted colors and patterns are both sound choices.

As with most clothing, even the finest Italian sweater won’t look good if it doesn’t fit. As a clothier, I can’t reiterate the importance of fit enough. It’s simple, a sweater from Target that fits your frame will look world’s better than a thousand dollar cashmere Gucci piece. However, taking this thought one step further; large manufacturers like Target design their sweaters to fit as many people and body types as possible. A sweater line from target will fit 100 men OK. On the other end of the market, high-end designers build their sweaters to fit one or two body types very well. If you are able to afford a designer sweater, the key is to try several designers until you find the makeup that best fits your body. An experienced clothier will be able to look at your body type, identify the best fitting designer, and place you in a smoking new sweater.

Additionally, make sure to mix up your sweater type. Each sweater in your wardrobe shouldn’t be worn more than a few times a month, and accordingly, it’s best to have an arsenal of ideas at your disposal.

Turtle neck sweaters are generally more formal and provide the illusion of height. Wear a turtle neck with a suit, jeans, or pair of trousers.

Crew neck sweaters are rounded at the neck. Since they show very little of the clothing worn underneath the sweater, this style provides a simple and clean look.

The V-neck sweater is a little bit faster and sexier than the other sweater types. Make sure not to go overboard euro by wearing a V-neck that extends too low.

Cardigans can zip or button down allowing for numerous possibilities for the clothing worn under the sweater. Under appreciated, the various options for collars, zips, buttons, and other details has allowed designers to create some really cool looks over the last few years.

Finally, sweaters allow you to stand out. Think about all of the guys in your office that wear the same button down shirts four seasons a year. Be a man with style, put together an assortment of looks for this autumn that are functional and show personality.