Men's Style

Should Men Wear Hats?


The answer is yes. Just as history repeats itself, so does style. Your grandpa isn't the only one wearing one anymore. From faux pas to trendy, the fedora is making a comeback. But before you go out and get one of your own, the Club Chair has some tips on the do's and don'ts of hat wear.

Hat Etiquette 101

-You can wear hats outside in nearly every situation, with the exception of funerals and religious services.

-You should not wear hats indoors, unless you are in train stations, airports, lobbies, or other similar public places.

-Always take your hat off in restaurants. If you are worried about hat head, don't wear a hat.

-When meeting a woman, your hat should come off your head to show respect and pay tribute to her beauty. If you know a woman very well, you can keep your hat on as long as she's not in authority over you.

What Kind of Hat Should We Wear?

When we say you can wear a hat, we aren't talking about baseball caps. Okay, if you're playing baseball or building a porch, a baseball cap will pass as acceptable. But if you're not shading your eyes during sport or engaging in some type of outdoor labor, you should never wear a baseball cap. Period.

The more formal your outfit, the more formal the hat should be. If you don a suit with an additional outer layer, a Borsalino fedora is your best bet. When it comes to finding a great quality hat, you can't beat beaver fur. It sheds rain well, looks sharp, and lasts a lifetime when taken care of properly.

For jacketless summer wear, fedora- or Panama-shaped straw is a great option for a sophisticated look. You can also opt for woven wool or linen caps if you are going more casual. If you choose the latter, there must be no logos or writing on the hat.

****Important-The rounder your face, the wider the brim of your hat may be.

If you have a thinner shaped face, you must go with a narrow brim.****

Okay, But Should I Wear a Hat?

Wearing a hat is not an essential accessory like it was pre-1950, so if it isn't for you, it isn't for you. Not everyone looks good in a hat, nor should everyone wear one. We just want to let you know that if a hat fits your personality and style, you can put one on...but you must do it right!