Week 3 - Progress Report


I am into my third week of my new year fitness regimen.  First let me start by saying I really didn't think it would hurt this much. When I say hurt I mean hurt in a good way (sort of).  My muscles have been awakened from their comfortable relaxed easychair like state.   So far, I would say it's going pretty well.  I love working with Lisa and Laurel at PE Fitness.  They are tough but kind and rediculously encouraging.   By tough I mean I have came close to vomiting during Laurel's  Sunday morning circuit TRX class. By encouraging,  Lisa sends me thoughtful texts throughout the week "How are you feeling?, Everything good?, How's it going today?  How was your run? 


The weather has been a challenge.  My running has been mainly on a treadmill which bores me to tears.  Even the best techno playlist can't help 30 minutes into a treadmill run. Ugh.  Lisa has suggested I try other cardio routines to keep me interested.  I think I will like this approach and will pursue that this week.  There is definitely more then one way to reach the finish line and I am open minded. 

My schedule has been a challenge. Busy, busy, busy, that's me alright!  Although I am sure I am no busier then you.  Some days, with more tasks then there are hours in the day, I feel like I don't have it in me to workout.  It helps to know that little text is likely to ding, how's it going today?  I want to answer, everything is great I just did 50  squats and planked for 5 minutes without a rest!  That text keeps me on track and I will plank, I will.

My diet has been a challenge.  Even though losing weight is not my major goal, I would like to tighten up on my diet to benefit my performance.  It's the winter and I want bread and comfort foods like lasagna and meatloaf.  Some days are what I consider perfect.  Green juice and eggwhites for breakfast, raw veggies and turkey for lunch followed by more poultry and vegetables for dinner.  I am making every effort to reserve my lasagna, bread and meatloaf for the weekends but it is a work in progress and some days are better then others.

I hope if you have set a new year goal for yourself you are doing well.  I will continue to keep you posted on my ups and downs all the way to my 10K.