New Year's Resolutions, Helpful or Harmful....


A couple of years ago I made the mammoth mistake of proclaiming that my goal for the New Year was to run a marathon.   I had been fit all my life and I saw this open statement as my way of pushing myself to reach for something bigger.  By saying it out loud in front of friends and followers (I was writing a regular column for another online media organization at the time).   I thought I would feel both accountable and motivated.  Unfortunately, I was plagued with multiple overuse injuries that year and a marathon was not to be.  Not even close.  I felt defeated and embarrassed that I had lost my motivation. This led me to question whether New Year’s goals or resolutions ever really help anyone to live better.  I have decided to try again and have crafted a new approach.

With a new year just beginning, the same year that I will celebrate my 50th birthday, I have the desire to achieve new goals.   I am unsatisfied with my current level of fitness.  Although I exercise every day, and maintain the same size and weight that I have for years, I can’t say that I have pushed myself past my comfort zone in quite awhile.

Yesterday, I asked my friend Todd, who is in the business of motivating professional athletes, if it was cliché to want to be at my physical best as I approach 50.  His answer, “not at all, just understand your WHY.  Why do you want it and what are you going to do with it once you have it.  The Why is everything”.  The way Todd sees it; most people fail to achieve their fitness or overall goals because they never fully define their WHY.   My WHY is to look and feel my best, coupled with the anticipated thrill of doing something I have not done before, running a half marathon, this year. 

Here’s my plan.

  • I have enlisted the help of personal trainer and fitness professional, Lisa St. Denis who owns PE Fitness.  Lisa has just come on board as the new fitness columnist here at  I can’t think of a better person to assist me with my goal.   As a former trainer myself I understand how important it is to have a committed professional to push you and help you achieve.  Lisa will work with me 3 times per week and will craft a training plan for 3 additional days that I will follow.
  • I have asked friends to join with me as I work toward my first milestone, The Jamestown 10K.  I have a couple of confirmed takers which is really exciting and helpful.  I plan to organize group runs so we can motivate each other.
  • There’s an app for that – I am using a fitness and nutrition app to assist me with my goal.  MyFitnessPal is a great way to track your nutrition and fitness on a daily basis.  I believe this will keep me accountable.

The work has begun.  I had my first session at PE Fitness yesterday morning with a TRX Suspension Training workout. This workout involves the use of suspension straps which is really challenging and different.  Today I am reasonably uncomfortable.  

I will keep you posted.  I hope you will follow my journey over the next few months. Maybe even join me and my crew for a workout.  I look forward to sharing my progress with you.  My continued professional goal is and always has been to share better living information with you.  My personal goal has been to live better myself and stay true to that message.