Kirsten DiChiappari: Founder, President of The Chatter Group


"If it makes you happy, then do it.  If it doesn't, then don't." - Unknown

Kirsten DiChiappari is a rare breed – whip smart, a wealth of knowledge (which she is more than willing to share) and owner of a heart that’s as big as the Blue Bug.

Her company, The Chatter Group, was born in 2009 from a self-described social media addiction and a gift for helping friends and colleagues with their profiles.  This is a woman who “gets” social media.  With a goal of helping her clients reach their audience with their unique story, she works to help them articulate their message, and find the right tools to share it.  

“I'm a big believer in doing what you love and loving what you do.  I love helping - people, businesses, organizations.  My work only works if I get to do that every day.” – Kirsten DiChiappari

I was the recipient of this social media consultant’s generosity when she shared a book that she recommends to all of her clients, So, What?!, by Mark Magnacca. Says DiChiappari, “If you can’t explain why what you do will change the lives of your customers, it won’t.”

Rhody Love

DiChiappari’s natural inclination toward helpfulness reaches far beyond her business life.  She is on the board of directors at Bristol Good Neighbors Soup Kitchen, a member of Women Ending Hunger at the RI Community Food Bank, a member of the Speakers' Bureau at RICFB, a member of Rhody Bloggers for Good and a member of the Communications Committee at The Women's Fund. 

DiChiappari is also involved in several additional projects, like being one of the “Tweet Seaters” for PPAC performances since last fall.  In addition, she has collaborated with other local entrepreneurial ventures, like the launch of FemCity Providence.

As a socially responsible business owner and member of the community, this experienced networker tends to gravitate toward clients who share a passion for social responsibility.   One of DiChiappari’s clients, Advanced Chemical Company launched a charitable division of their business last year (A Golden Gift) to support local charities and organizations.  “I’m excited to bring their support to causes near and dear to me,” says DiChiappari.

Family Love

“It's important to me that my children be aware that they are a part of something bigger, and that we all give back when and where we can.” – KD

Having chosen these organizations because they are all in line with her personal values and ideals, she actively shares their missions with her family. Recently DiChiappari shared her passion for helping others with her 7-year old daughter, who joined her at the Sit-a-thon for Belle, a young girl who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The weekend-long event at La-Z-Boy in Warwick was attended by many of Belle’s mom’s fellow Rhody bloggers and their families, and raised $10,000 to help with Belle’s care. 

“Find Projects That Speak To You”

When asked what she would tell another business owner who would like to get involved in their community, DiChiappari says, “Find projects that speak to you.  It has to be something that feels right, or else it will be a burden.  I like to volunteer myself for the things that come easiest to me - so I tend to help with event promotion, marketing, etc.  It's easy to roll it into my regular work and fit it in at home, at night, whenever.  I think that's the most important thing for anyone to remember.  There are ways for everyone to get involved - whether it's money, time, resources, contacts, support, etc.  If there's a cause that you believe in, you can find a way to lend a hand.  Organizations need to get better at thinking creatively about how people can get involved.  There are limitless ways to connect with people nowadays and it's time to engage these constituents.”

For those looking to support a local organization, DiChiappari encourages people to visit the Rhode Island Food Bank website to learn more.  “In addition to food drives, and volunteer and monetary donations, there are events and committees and numerous ways that anyone can support their neighbors.  RI ranks highest in New England for food insecurity and more than 15% of families cannot afford regular meals.  Chances are that someone you know is facing this challenge.”

Where To Find Her

  • Look for her book of essays, to be released later this year.
  • See her perform at the local production of national event, “Listen to Your Mother” at the Providence Public Library on May 4th.  There will be original pieces from 12 amazing women here, and similar shows in 23 other cities in May.  Says DiChiappari, “I secretly aspire to be this generation’s Erma Bombeck.”


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