Chances R Designs: Toni Lyn Spaziano


“My mission is to provide classic contemporary clothing to women of all ages.  I want my clothes to make women feel inspired to take on the day, no matter if they are career oriented or stay-at-home mothers.” – Toni Lyn Spaziano

Toni Lyn Spaziano had always wanted to be a fashion designer.  The young woman entered The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale over 20 years ago, with a goal of making that dream come true.  Struggling with dyslexia, Toni discovered that traditional methods of learning were a challenge for her.  Her time at the school was brief, and Spaziano actually believed it would be impossible for her to fulfill her dreams.

In the years that followed, Toni moved in an entirely different direction in her career.  Her love of fashion and design stayed with her, and she found other ways to incorporate them into her life.

A Chance Encounter

Toni had all but given up on her vision.  The day she met Chance, a little person living with several disabilities, her passion for living her dream was reignited.  Toni’s encounter with Chance inspired her to “never give up”.   She embraced her natural talent and remembered her own ambition. 

Spaziano returned to her love of apparel design, and twenty years after her brief time at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Chances R Designs was born.  Launched in 2011, ChancesR Designs debuted their first official collection of women’s apparel in January 2012. 

As a way to honor her friend, Toni founded Team Chance, an organization that supports less fortunate children and those with chronic illnesses.  One of the organizations supported is The Painted Turtle, which is a summer camp where children with serious medical conditions can have fun in environment that is designed specifically for their needs.

Toni’s next goal for her line is to watch it develop across the country.  Stores in California picked up her last line, which is meaningful because someone special to her lives there… her friend Chance.

More immediately, she’s excited to be debuting the Fall/Winter 2013 collection at StyleWeek on February 1.  Toni is also participating in Red on the Runway, a fashion event to benefit the American Heart Association.  Spaziano’s red dress design will be modeled by a survivor.

Toni Lyn Spaziano is a local business owner who understands the importance of giving.  A portion of the proceeds from Chances R Designs are donated to Team Chance, and she’s always happy to get involved.   “It is a great way to spread the word for your business, your causes, as well as do some immediate good. Plus it's always nice to give back - what goes around comes around,” says Spaziano.