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John Antonacci: Advanced Chemical Company



“Our collective vision is to be known globally for integrity, reliability, flexibility, innovation, and

environmental responsibility.”  -- John Antonacci

  I first became aware of Advanced Chemical Company when I was writing about Kirsten DiChiappari for the April Good Business feature for OnlineRI.  Kirsten told me about her work with Advanced Chemical Company, and about the company’s charitable division, A Golden Gift, which supports local charities and organizations.  I asked Kirsten if I could get to know them a bit better for our June Good Business feature, and Kirsten agreed to put me in touch with John Antonacci, the company’s Director of Sales & Marketing.


Advanced Chemical Company is a third generation, family-owned and operated, full-service precious metals refinery.  Founded in 1972, the company primarily manufactured chemistries for the plating industry to support the plating shops all over Rhode Island, which was a large jewelry manufacturing base.  Eventually, Advanced Chemical created techniques to efficiently extract precious metals back out of the plating solutions.  Since then, the company has grown to become the largest hazardous material refiner in North America.


The company is growing by leaps and bounds.  In the last year, they opened an electronic shredding facility in Warwick as a response to their clients looking for this service.  They’ve also recently returned from a trip to China, where they worked with a local freight forwarder to create a plan to expand their global footprint for precious metal reclaim.  Their plans for 2014 include increasing their precious metal product line in areas like bullion, deposition metals, and plating products.  With goals to grow revenue by 10% each year, and to become one of the leading employers in Rhode Island, their commitment to sustainable growth -- and to their customers – is evident. 

“The state has so many wonderful resources – the ocean, the food, but most importantly the people. 

We’d like to employ as many as we can.”  - John Antonucci

Giving Back

Advanced Chemical is not only focused on expanding their global footprint – they’re also very much involved in their local community.  They work with several local organizations:  Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America in Attleboro, MA, Providence Jewelers Club, and NAMF – local metal finishing association.

According to Antonacci, their most exciting venture is A Golden Gift, which is a division of Advanced Chemical Company designed to turn donations of gold into proceeds that can be donated (all or in part) to the charity of the donor’s choice.  Says Antonacci, “A Golden Gift sprang forth after years of working with third parties to refine precious metals; we felt there was a unique opportunity to partner directly with non-profits and charitable organizations.  Allowing those groups to reach their generous networks meant that not only could consumers get the highest possible value for their unwanted items, but that they could also donate a portion their favorite charity.”

A Golden Gift has also partnered with RiverzEdge Arts in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, which provides talented and under-served teens hands-on work experience in art and design, and pathways to high school credit through work site apprenticeships.  “One of our managers, Lou Smith, became involved with RiverzEdge because he was impressed with their programs and how they supply opportunities and guidance for young city kids that might not have some of the advantages that may be inherent in more affluent communities,” says Antonacci.

The company also looks forward to their annual golf tournament, now in its 3rd year, which honors a long-standing employee and his love of golf.  Since the employee’s passing in 2010, the golf tournament has been a way for employees of Advanced Chemical Company, as well as his friends and family, to come together and raise money for a scholarship fund in his name.  A considerable amount is also given to the American Heart Association each year.  For more information, visit The John Venditti Memorial Scholarship Fund.

When asked what he would tell a new business owner about becoming involved in their community, Atonacci says, “The easiest way to become involved in your community is to start with the school systems.  All it takes is one visit to a school and they’ll tell you where help is needed.  They have their finger on the pulse of the local community.  They see it every day in their classroom. “

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