Just Say No to New Year’s Resolutions

Every January, it’s all about New Year, New You. Everywhere you turn, there are ads for fitness club deals and diet fads. Feeling good in the New Year is great, but why make short-term promises that will only leave you feeling “meh” by February vacation?

Who wants to feel guilty about anything in the middle of the winter?

I have something different for you to think about this New Year. And it’s not about New Year’s resolutions. It’s not about diet fads. And it’s certainly not about some fancy new workout gadget that you’ll abandon by the beginning of March.

It’s about making peace with your-self.  It’s about giving yourself more credit, and learning to say “No” every now and then so you have room to breathe.

As a mom, you give so much of yourself every day. It’s so honorable to be self-less and generous and we all have a million things going on, but it’s also important for you to find balance.

Think Peace. Think Joy. Think less guilt.

This year, I challenge you to try some simple things to help make 2014 truly happy.

1.      Look at yourself in the mirror and be grateful for who you are. Remind yourself that you rock. “No regrets. Just love.” (Love me some Katy Perry.)

2.      Think of three things you did in 2013 that make you smile.

3.      Do something for YOU this week. Take a new Pilates or Yoga class. Dance in the kitchen. Buy yourself a new scarf. A new lipstick. The rewards are great, no matter how small.

4.      Drink hot cocoa with your kids.

5.      Skip a morning workout and pull your kids on a sled.

6.      Call an old friend.

7.      Take a break from social media for a few days.

8.      Start a good book.

9.      Start watching something YOU want to watch on Netflix after putting the kids to bed.

10.   Give yourself a night off. Ask a friend or your spouse to help with the kids. Give yourself permission to do nothing special, with no agenda. Just be.

The next time you say “Happy New Year”….say it to yourself and believe it.


Jackie Hennessey is a Rhode Island mom who blogs about being an imperfect mother at www.ventingsessions.com and writes about it in her gift book, How to Spread Sanity on a Cracker.