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Laura Phillips
 If you are looking to impact your space in a dramatic way without super-heroic effort, my advice is to work the perimeter.  Forget the stodgy old rules of paint etiquette; time to embrace the cornucopia of options the world has to offer.  Here are a few tips to give you the most powerful buck bang that can resuscitate the drab with pizzazz.PAINTFair warning – you will encounter the askance...


Real Estate Insight

Sally Lapides
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development issued its final ruling defining a ‘qualified mortgage’ for any loan application starting January 10th, 2014 this week. The new regulations will require qualified mortgages to have safety features designed to protect consumers and help prevent a repeat of the 2007 mortgage crisis. Some products offered before the housing slowdown won’t be allowed...

Today's PE

Running can be one of the most efficient ways to get a workout in.  You lace up your shoes and go.  When you tell most runners that they need to do strength training, the response you will often get is "Why should I do anything other than run?"  Running can cause serious imbalances and injuries if it is not complemented by targeted strength exercises.  Ideally, these imbalances and weaknesses will be addressed in the...Read More


Rhode Island Cooks

    “Our collective vision is to be known globally for integrity, reliability, flexibility, innovation, and environmental responsibility.”  -- John Antonacci   I first became aware of Advanced Chemical Company when I was writing about Kirsten DiChiappari for the April Good Business feature for OnlineRI.  Kirsten told me about her work with Advanced Chemical Company, and about the company’s charitable... Read More

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Marcel McVay
         Anyone who lives in or around Providence and creates things is no stranger to the wealth of raw and energetic creators that call this place home, studio, squat or any combination of those. It seems also there is a common frustration: a lacuna of space to present much of this work for dialogue to a broader public. Whatever our place in the so-called Creative Capital's puzzle, it is no surprise to us, that... Read More
Heidi Farmer Piccerelli
  When people look at you, what do you want them to know about you?  As humans, we all want to be known, and our dress is another form of communicating to others. I teach women how to cultivate their own personal style by honoring their individuality and the body they inhabit right now – not the one they had 10 years or 10 pounds ago.  Are you honoring your current self?  Or are you punishing yourself by...Read More

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Jill Magee Marinelli

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Raina Smith
  Review:          BROWN BIRDS (A book of poetry) Author:           Deborah Barchi How many times I laughed out loud:        Once. How many times I cried:                            Not applicable. How many Ah-Hah moments:                   Several.                                     What I love about Brown Birds by Deborah Barchi is that it is poetry driven by a passion for all things natural to this breathtaking...Read More

Neighborhood Walk

  It's rare that I don't like a wine. I definitely like certain ones over others but I've never said that I didn't like a particular grape. Though I've come to think that I'm an anomaly, and know many who say they don't' like a specific grape.  Often I hear "Oh, I don't' like Cabernet. It's too tannic;" or  the opposite, "I don't like Cabernet it's too fruity and oaky." Then I think to myself, "Well... Read More


RI Beauty

Kirsten Brusse
Here we are again.  It is the middle of December and the Holidays have snuck up on me.  My resolution to be prepared and organized and get my shopping done in advance have gone out the window.  What is a girl to do with only a few shopping days left and a bunch of people still on her list? I headed to Facing Thayer for all of my last minute gift needs one of my favorite places in town.  They have a wonderful and...Read More

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In the Garden

  This morning I had a second meeting with lovely clients who are redecorating their family room.  I presented them with a floor plan to scale and we all agreed on the ideal placement.  The next step, of course, was to discuss furniture selection.  I was reminded during that conversation of how vitally important it is to understand all the right steps to finding just the right sofa. The sofa is the heart...Read More

At Home With Style

Lisa Newman Paratore