Westerly: A New Dining Destination


I have been touting the downtown dining Westerly, Rhode Island scene to my friends for the past year. A number of unique and fun restaurants have opened and I am beyond thrilled. When I go out with my husband or friends, I want to spend my time and money at quality, yet eclectic establishments, and I am easily appeased in my own town.

The first restaurant that grabbed my attention more than a year ago was The Malted Barley. The Malted Barley serves over 30 beers as well as hard cider and root beer. The food menu is made up entirely of their hand-made to order soft pretzels and range anywhere from salted to jalapeño stuffed to a nutella dessert pretzel. In addition, the dips to pair with your pretzels are one of a kind, including an Apricot Butter that inspired me to make my own .

Just around the corner resides The Twisted Vine (3 Canal St., 401-596-4600), which opened only 7 months ago. They have a lively martini menu and for food, a more tapas style menu with plenty to fill you up. I have enjoyed the shrimp pineapple kabobs over cilantro-lime rice a number of times as well as, the unique gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. I have ordered their goat cheese and fig preserves and cheddar, cranberry and apple sandwich. All of the grilled cheese sandwiches are served with fried plantains and have inspired me to create my own one of a kind grilled cheese sandwich Ciabatta Grilled Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich with Fig and Pear. 

For desert, try the ‘Capote’ Grilled Cheese which is topped with vanilla mascarpone and caramel sauce.

Next time you want to dine out somewhere special, take a trip to Westerly and be well rewarded.