A Delicious Indulgence: La Maison de COCO


This past week, I had the tasty pleasure of being introduced to ‘La Maison de COCO’ in Newport, Rhode Island. I was not aware of this gem and now cannot get it off my mind.

I first ordered an iced coffee, which they informed me, would arrive very frothy as they whip the iced coffee prior to serving. While they were creating my caffeinated concoction, I glared at the scones and decided on the cranberry, coriander and white chocolate offering.

My past dealings with scones are that they are very dry however; this one was the perfect balance of biscuit with a touch if moisture and well balanced flavors. 

I then sampled some of their tea-infused truffles and have been inspired to continue to try unique flavor blends and even play around with chocolate and tea in my own kitchen. The truffles are sold by the piece and in gift boxes (2 piece, 6 piece and 10 piece). While you are there, you can also choose from a tantalizing selection of biscotti, french style cookies, tarts and tartlets, teas, and crepes.

If I have not enticed you enough, here is a quote from their website that will be sure to inspire you to visit:

'We specialize in tea-infused truffles and French-inspired desserts. All our recipes rely on the finest organic flour and sugar, fresh butter and organic eggs from a local, Rhode Island farm. The cream we use for fillings comes from a local, Rhode Island farm where practicing sustainable farming is a priority. Shunning growth hormones, they also nurture their cows in a pesticide-free environment.'