Wickford Village

As a native Rhode Islander, I pride myself on my level of knowledge about our state, and all that each city, town or village has to offer. Wickford Village is no exception; I have driven through a hundred times, and I’ve taken the time to visit the random restaurant and shop. This visit was different, and taught me about the people and businesses that inhabit this historic seaside village.

One of our first stops was Green River Silver, owned by Dan Goldman and his brother John.  Melissa was busy for a while, browsing some of the beautiful jewelry, and already considering holiday gifts.  The shop is located along picturesque US 1 and housed in an historic building built a few hundred years ago. It turns out that Dan was a wealth of knowledge when it came to the history of the building and told us that it once served as the barracks building for the State Police. According to Dan, unfortunate lawbreakers would find themselves shackled to the large iron rings fastened to the walls in the basement. Dan’s stories were fascinating and he was a friendly and accommodating shop owner.  When we inquired about the song playing in the store, he checked the music system to identify the vocalist! Green River Silver has two other Rhode Island locations, one in Bristol and the other on Hope Street in Providence. Hopefully, Dan will rotate between stores and we’ll run into him again so he can provide a history lesson in those locales!

Along with Wickford’s natural beauty, the village boasts shop-lined streets that make it a pleasure to explore. More than 50 shops and stores are waiting to greet boaters and drivers alike as they make their way into the area. With that many options, Melissa and I had no problem finding anything we needed - even for our pets. Shaggy Chic was the perfect place to check out fun toys and gifts for our pets. As we entered, we were met by an adorable Black Lab puppy and Portuguese Water Dog who were both so excited to meet new people - especially ones who smell like other pets! The shop was full of everything imaginable to make your pet go crazy just like the Lab puppy.

After exiting Shaggy Chic, we popped into Pastry Gourmet for a lemon square and Wickford Village Antiques and Collectibles for some browsing.  Before heading out, I was hoping to capture a few more pictures of the water and boats, so we drove down the road to the marina. It was a beautiful day, which allowed for some great shots, but we also saw something unexpected.

One aspect of writing Neighborhood Walk that I truly enjoy is meeting new and interesting people.  Today, we met Hank and his trusty Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Dusty. We first saw Hank and Dusty pedaling down the street toward the marina. Dusty was perched regally on the handle bar and caught our eye as we drove out.  Of course, we immediately turned around. Hank and Dusty have been together for more than 27 years and have lived all over the country, including Florida where Hank owned a kayak rental shop, and Dusty was a daily rider. Their journey has led them to our area to visit some friends in Little Compton.  Hank told us Dusty was feeling full from their French fries at lunch, but he still posed for some photos!

Wickford Village is a wonderful mixture of old world architecture and modern style and amenities. Our walk through this peaceful seaside village was as relaxing and interesting as any yet and I’m looking forward to future lazy days and interesting encounters in Wickford.