Dressing Cool for the Summer Heat


You're sweating through your shirt. Your pants are sticking to your legs. You can't believe you're thinking that you might actually miss freezing cold, New England winters. You don't, but we get it. The record breaking heat is getting to you. We at The Club Chair have some wardrobe tips that will help you handle the humidity.

Keep it Loose

Now is not the time for fitted garments. Any shirts or pants that fit you snuggly should be tucked away in the back of your drawer. That being said, you don't want too much excess fabric. Just make sure you choose clothing with a looser fit that still flatters your silhouette. You want to be able to move comfortably and allow your skin to breathe.

Keep it Light

When dressing for the heat, fabric choice is key. You can never go wrong with cotton. Light and airy, cotton will keep you cool and comfortable during the hottest hours of the day. You should also opt for fun, textured fabrics like seersucker and madras, as they help keep some fabric away from the skin. Another way to keep it light is to choose light colored clothing. Dark garments will absorb the heat, so make lighter colors your go-to options.

Loose + Light = Linens

Cotton linens are arguably the best example of what to wear when the summer heat is at its peak. Fine linen shirts and pants have a barely-there feel, allowing you to experience the utmost coolness and comfort.

Tips for Up Top


You don't want any sweat to peek through your over-shirt, so don't forget that undershirt! Yes, you are adding an extra layer, but it's a thin barrier that will save you embarrassment and keep you comfortable.

Dress Shirts

Roll up the sleeves of a uniquely patterned button-down, and you'll be noticeably well-dressed for a night out with family and friends. To stay comfortable, choose high-quality cottons that are especially airy and breathable.


An unlined, custom-made blazer is an excellent and essential option for a dressier occasion. Summer blazers should never be lined. They are normally lined with fabrics that don't breathe well, like silk and polyester, which trap heat like crazy.

Down Low

Dress Trousers

It's important to choose high-end cotton fabrics or topical wools when it comes to summer dress trousers. These fabrics allow air to circulate, and they keep the heat away from your body. You'll always arrive in style with a pair of lightweight, custom-made trousers and they'll keep you cool.


If you are going to wear shorts, make sure that you only do so for casual occasions. You want them to sit two to three inches above the knee for a perfect fit. You can pair them with a cotton t-shirt or throw on a polo for a dressier look. A pair of Italian leather sandals will work well to finish off your outfit.


Denim is tough to pull off in hot weather because the fabric often traps in heat. Choose a very lightweight denim to wear in the evening, and you can make it work.

One more quick tip to put in your back pocket...

Carry a handkerchief just in case you need to dab your forehead for a touch up.

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